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There are numerous ways a business can fail. Mismanaged inventory results in time spent searching for products, delayed customer orders, storage costs and poor warehouse utilization. Excessive overhead means low product turn-over and increased liability. Poor factory scheduling can cause production delays due to missing components, a lack of time on available machines and insufficient labor. Finally, poor financial reporting allows cost overruns, excessive expenditures and improper procedures to go unnoticed. An ERP solution properly-tailored to a business environment can help a company run smoothly and prevent issues from “falling through the cracks”. When integrated with existing systems, changes and updates can be made automatically and universally. Ascent understands that not all ERP solutions are equal and has the experience to implement the right service.

Ascent Understands ERP


Fast and consistent data entry will help make your back-office team more productive. Having the right information in the right spot prevents errors and decreases frustration. Ascent can customize our solutions to work best in your environment.


Ascent Innovations understands that reporting is useless without action. Relevant data, dashboard controls and concise reporting allow you to make the right financial decision quickly.

Ascent SAP consultants helped us in simplifying our financial team’s process for preparing reports for internal auditing and shareholder meetings.
Additionally, using automation-testing tools, the consultants have provided a process that gave a lot of confidence in the integration testing results of all development activities.

ERP Project Manager, Global Beverage company

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