Managed Services

Embarking on a technology initiative, such as cloud migration, is a serious undertaking no matter the size of the business. Ascent’s Managed Services solutions guide companies as they embrace these new advances. Aside from the time savings, using a managed service provider offers a level of experience which would be difficult to obtain in-house. Ascent understands the challenges associated with Security, Cloud Migration, Network Outsourcing, Data Center Management, etc. Therefore, we align our services and product offerings based on the core objectives and procedures provided by the client. By placing those responsibilities with our team, the client can spend more time focusing on projects that are more pressing and offer a more direct benefit to the operation of the company.

Ascent Understands Managed Services


By utilizing our Managed Services solutions, the need to learn the details of various products and platforms is unnecessary. Ascent will analyze your business environment and choose the right products and services to meet your needs.


Reducing the need to learn the complete function of a product or platform will allow you to spend more time on your projects and initiatives and less time implementing significant technology changes.

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