Current information and ease of communication is crucial when dealing with the well-being and treatment of people. As a result, the healthcare industry requires a unique set of tools to manage and distribute this information. Various offices, technicians and specialists require key data about an individual before providing services and procedures to patients. Furthermore, patients are becoming increasingly active in their own healthcare decisions and require visibility to records while demanding new ways of communicating with healthcare professionals. Ascent understands the growing need to offer these solutions while keeping patient confidentiality at the forefront.

Ascent Understands Healthcare


Document management systems, when combined with a robust customer engagement solution can help your representatives ensure the right documentation is delivered.


Ascent’s collaboration tools allow healthcare professionals to share patient data and tests across multiple providers to ensure each point of contact has latest information.

Ascent SAP consultants helped us in simplifying our financial team’s process for preparing reports for internal auditing and shareholder meetings.
Additionally, using automation-testing tools, the consultants have provided a process that gave a lot of confidence in the integration testing results of all development activities.

ERP Project Manager, Global Beverage company

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