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Recent technological advancements are allowing public sector organizations and schools to offer more efficient services to the community. Citizens are demanding more accountability and flexibility from their government while still meeting the levels of transparency expected from the public sector. Inside the classroom, the use of technology has changed dramatically. Once relegated to a once-weekly class, computing has inserted itself into every aspect of the learning process. Children who are not presented with these tools risk facing a significant challenge as they move through life. Outside of the classroom educators are seeing new demands from parents and the community regarding communication and reporting of a child’s performance. Utilizing this technology in a safe, useful and cost-effective manner adds to those challenges. Ascent understands these demands and can tailor a solution across the spectrum.

Ascent Understands Public Sector & Education


Secured Managed Services and open source technologies throughout the federal government simplify unique and complex operations, from processing claims to handling traffic to enhancing tactics in the DOD. Cloud-based document storage, digital communication portals and new methods of web-based collaboration enable students, educators and guardians to use time more effectively inside and outside the classroom.


Providing best-of-breed solutions through Electronic Data Interchange positions government organizations to be more responsive, and dropping the durations from weeks to days.

Ascent SAP consultants helped us in simplifying our financial team’s process for preparing reports for internal auditing and shareholder meetings.
Additionally, using automation-testing tools, the consultants have provided a process that gave a lot of confidence in the integration testing results of all development activities.

ERP Project Manager, Global Beverage company

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