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Communication between programs is just as important as communication between employees and departments. Many organizations use various platforms developed by different software vendors. Operating as standalone products, these systems rely on human manipulation to achieve the desired functionality. Most of the time, this results in program switching, data duplication, tedious import/export procedures, virtual machine utilization and manual editing of documents. All these workarounds mean employees spend numerous hours trying to organize and manage information.

System Integration reduces cost and optimizes productivity by providing efficient access across platforms, seamless importing and exporting of data across programs and comprehensive data analysis. Combined with automated processes, organizations can finally have a suite of platforms that work for them. As a vendor which supports various products, Ascent understands the importance of systems communication with each other. Our systems integration solutions include solutions published by software vendors and custom-designed connectors to perform the necessary transfers.

Ascent Understands System Integration


Using multiple spreadsheets to analyze data and constant copy/pasting between different programs are a convoluted bridge to managing your data. Ascent’s systems integration techniques allow for fast and accurate data entry and analysis.


Systems Integration Reduces the number of files and hours of labor it takes to create effective reporting and transactions allows your employees to focus on generating data as opposed to creating data.

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There is no one better than you, who knows your business and has the drive to grow it. Focusing on your success, we listen very carefully and understand your business needs before crafting the solution. You will find a partner in us for implementing your complete enterprise software solution. Each of our consultants possesses a strong blend of technical and functional business process expertise, and has previously implemented full-cycle enterprise solutions. We provide expertise that leads to recognized business value.


The enterprise software system needs to be more interconnected than ever before. You can rely on our tremendous experience and expertise in successfully integrating with Supply Chain solutions, Shipping Carriers' systems, EDI solutions, Vendor/Supplier's systems, RF solutions, Tablet devices, Web sites, Electronic Payment services, Document Management solutions and more. Gain a competitive edge in your business by staying connected as much as your need with your Suppliers, Customers, Partners, Subsidiaries and any other related parties.


Our Upgrade services involve understanding the idea and implementation behind the unique business processes; re-engineering current customizations and enhancements; and developing a plan to implement the optimal solution for your business. We will minimize the changes to the user routine while fully utilizing the enhancements.


Companies have unique needs and processes, which defines its' character. Ascent recognizes there cannot be a "cookie cutter" system that fits all enterprises. Our solutions enable enterprises to make the system work for them, and not the other way. Our developers have a direct insight into the underlying architecture and changing trends to stay ahead and design solutions that maximize the value of your investment. We utilize Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology which ensures our solutions meet your business requirements and expectations.


Maximize the benefits of your investment by familiarizing and incorporating some of the best practices in Customer Engagement, Warehouse Operations, Supply Chain Management, Production, and AR & AP Processing. You can also have refresher training on certain features on an as-need basis to continually improve your routines and operations and grow the bottom line of your company.


Keeping your business running smoothly is a large responsibility and requires specialized skillsets. You can maximize your return on investment and reduce risk and downtime by taking advantage of our expertise. Become more agile by strategically focusing internal resources on your core business. We combine best practices with our expertise and in managing applications and infrastructure.

We initially contracted with two larger consulting firms to replace our Oracle system with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. However, we found that we were not receiving the quality service we were expecting simply because the consultants assigned to the project were also assigned to numerous other clients.

As a result, many of the tasks on the project plan were falling through the cracks and behind schedule. Ascent was on the project quickly, implemented a solution in a timely manner and completed the work exceeding expectations.

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