System Integration

Communication between programs is just as important as communication between employees and departments. Many organizations use various platforms developed by different software vendors. Operating as standalone products, these systems rely on human manipulation to achieve the desired functionality. Most of the time, this results in program switching, data duplication, tedious import/export procedures, virtual machine utilization and manual editing of documents. All these workarounds mean employees spend numerous hours trying to organize and manage information.

System Integration reduces cost and optimizes productivity by providing efficient access across platforms, seamless importing and exporting of data across programs and comprehensive data analysis. Combined with automated processes, organizations can finally have a suite of platforms that work for them. As a vendor which supports various products, Ascent understands the importance of systems communication with each other. Our systems integration solutions include solutions published by software vendors and custom-designed connectors to perform the necessary transfers.

Ascent Understands System Integration


Using multiple spreadsheets to analyze data and constant copy/pasting between different programs are a convoluted bridge to managing your data. Ascent’s systems integration techniques allow for fast and accurate data entry and analysis.


Systems Integration Reduces the number of files and hours of labor it takes to create effective reporting and transactions allows your employees to focus on generating data as opposed to creating data.

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