Expertise and innovation for the greater good

We are proud of our role in helping organizations around the world reimagine, redefine and transform their businesses to create new sources of value.

We strive to apply the deep process and technology knowledge and strategic insight of our associates to develop similarly effective solutions to vital issues facing people, communities and the planet.

Our Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are primarily focused on key areas including people, the environment and corporate governance where we believe Ascent Innovations can have the greatest positive impact.

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Ascent Innovations is committed to corporate social responsibilityWe empower social change agents with technology and expertise

Social Responsibility

Augmented intelligence can benefit social services, public safety, education and our environment.

Charitable Events

Global competition of an unprecendented scale seeks new solutions for disaster resilience.

Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief

We help people achieve their potential in an interconnected global marketplace.