Business Insights

Running a business requires quick course-correction to stay agile and competitive. Too much data can make issues seem convoluted while too-little data leads to uneducated decisions. Business Insights combines relevant data with accurate analysis to resolve issues and generate accurate forecasting. Dashboards and KPI’s updated in real-time allow for in-depth analysis of current and past performance. This data makes it easy to make accurate forecasts based on past trends and stop potential issues before they begin. Furthermore, a proper Business Insights platform can be customized across the organization. Individuals can view personal performance, managers can view their departmental metrics versus their goals and the C-Suite can make course corrections based on input from various areas within the organization. Ascent Innovations can help companies find the right tool for accurate reporting and unlock new ways of navigating a future path.

Ascent Understands Business Insights


Simple and customizable dashboard controls and analysis places the right information in front of managers and directors.


Ascent’s systems integration techniques coupled with our Business Insights applications gather data across platforms to provide comprehensive information gathering and in-depth analysis.

Power BI is a business analytics suite that deliver insights throughout your organization. You can connect to multiple data sources, produce beautiful reports, and publish. Based on the role, personalize dashboards with unique 360-degree view of the business.

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