Food & Pharmaceuticals

Few industries have such stringent regulations and quality standards as the food & pharmaceutical industries. Going beyond basic production scheduling; serial and batch number registration, FDA regulations, equipment validation, expiration dates and certificates of conformance must be managed and tracked with the utmost accuracy. Document management and collaboration alone can seem like an overwhelming challenge for a manufacturer. Ascent Innovations offers a wide variety of solutions to streamline and manage the complex requirements of this market.

Ascent Understands Food & Pharmaceuticals


Document management systems, when combined with a robust customer engagement solution can help your representatives ensure the right documentation is delivered with the right product.


Visibility of requirements such as certificates of conformance and validation documentation can be assigned at various points in the receiving and production process to prevent work stoppages and other unseen interruptions.

We wanted a solution that would stay current with evolving innovation from a vendor that was also a strong technology leader. With that in mind, we were ready to bet our future on Microsoft continuing to be a powerful technology leader. For us, Microsoft is the partner and Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ERP system that can continue to move forward with us.

Hands-on experience with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 confirmed the decision. We were completely blown away when we saw what was possible with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Dynamics 2012

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