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The cloud has forever changed how we work. It has changed how we consume data and connect with each other. Futuristic concept is now a reality, and cloud adoption is moving faster than anticipated. Cloud comes in different forms and shapes.

Private Cloud: designed for Mission-Critical Applications

For organizations requiring a best-in-class cloud with ultimate uptime, high-performance, security and regulatory compliance. Private Cloud provider’s SLA vary, but a few common characteristics.

  • A 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • Business continuity and disaster prevention services
  • Predictable, flat monthly billing
  • 24/7 support and incident response
  • Customizable governance, regulatory compliance and security architectures
  • Data centers having backups

Public Cloud: powers accelerated growth and Agility

For scenarios needing ultimate flexibility and cost-savings, a public cloud deployment is the best. Ascent is certified to provide leading cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We understand the sensitivity of data and the emotional attach when moving to Public Cloud.

  • Extremely ideal for demo environments, test and development environments.
  • Very helpful in internet-facing web application development, and applications that are less sensitive to automatic upgrades.
  • Disaster recovery or fallback.

Hybrid Cloud: The Cloud that Connects the Data

Every organization relies on multiple applications and systems to manage business operations. The cloud strategy should support and connect that data in a way that delivers maximum flexibility, efficiency and business benefits.

We offer a holistic, customized approach to application deployment and infrastructure architecture by combining public, private and on-premise solutions into a seamless hybrid cloud platform.

Cloud adoption is growing at a rampantpace, whether replacingon-premise legacy solutions or using new SaaS-based applications for specific lines of business. However, thisshould not result is a disjointed multiple cloud and on-premise systems. The benefitsof cloud strategy can very quickly become diminished by a complex and disjointed IT infrastructure.

We specialize in helping you select, deploy and connect applications into a platform that makes sense for your business – and gives you ultimate control over your cloud strategy.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

We offer Hyperconvergence Infrastructure solution from our partner, Nutanixthat bridges the gap between traditional infrastructure and public cloud services. The Enterprise Cloud unifies your private and public clouds, and simplifies the management of multi-cloud deployments.

Turnkey Infrastructure with Fast Deployment

  • Integrated server, storage, networking and virtualization resources
  • Complete systems management and operations management capabilities.
  • Deploy infrastructure in minutes, so IT teams can elevate their focus to the applications and services powering the business.
  • Software-Driven supporting a range of hardware platforms – including most of the popular server platforms.

World-Class Platform with Superior Performance & Resilience

  • Each hyperconverged server (node), includes Intel-powered hardware with flash-based SSDs and traditional HDDs, along with the software.
  • Hyperconverged software running on each node distributes all operating functions across the cluster.

Unprecedented Flexibility

A single cluster can have unlimited nodes, with node types having differing amounts of storage, CPU and memory resources, so you can run multiple workloads with maximum efficiency.

Ascent Cloud Integration Services

We understand that every organizations has different parameters and preferences, and have laid down the foundations of their Cloud strategy. Our team works within those parameters and deliver a truly hybrid environment.

We know a truly seamless cloud solution requires a lot more thoughts, efforts, considerations and a well-orchestrated plan to drive efficiencies, adaptability and positive impact to the business.

Ascent Understands Cloud


Seamlessly storing and accessing your data is the key to an effective cloud-based solution. Ascent implements safe, reliable storage solutions which integrate with your existing system.


One of the primary advantages of cloud storage is the ability to access data across platforms and across the world. Ascent understands the importance of running your business from everywhere.

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