Dynamics SMB

Delivering return on Dynamics NAV investment for Manufacturers

Dynamics NAV is an easy to use, cost effective, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small to medium-sized business needs.

With a flexible development environment and quick implementation options, Dynamics NAV will support your business’s growth trajectory, while providing financial transparency, and streamlining your supply chain, manufacturing, and operational needs.

The manufacturing functionality within Dynamics NAV supports simple as well as complex manufacturing business requirements.

Leverage your investments in Dynamics NAV by upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business or D365 Enterprise editions.

Ascent has domain expertise with Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365, giving you the most optimal Upgrade outcome.

Optimize your business operations for Services with Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP is a complete and scalable solution for growing and medium-sized businesses who want to gain greater control over their financials and ensure their business is running efficiently.

From basic reporting to sophisticated analysis, Dynamics GP helps in automating and improving your financials, resource management and operations.

Dynamics GP allows your people to access information using familiar Microsoft tools – making it easy to communicate and collaborate effectively to drive success.

Five Benefits of Integrated Technology Solutions for Manufacturing

  1. Reducing Costs through Improved Productivity
    Enhanced visibility, Inventory optimization and enabling timely-informed financial decisions
  2. Optimizing Supply Chain Management
    Monitoring supplier performance and integrating with Supplier systems
  3. Managing Customers and Sales
    Automated sales workflows, improved customer relationships and better conversion.
  4. Accelerating Time to Market
    Optimized workflows and automated processes
  5. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Whether you plan to enhance the system or upgrade to the next gen, partnering with the solution provider with domain and system expertise, and who prioritizes your business is key to a successful deployments and user experience.

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