Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation

Campaign orchestration

Creating a seamless customer experience starts with well-connected tools. Unify your sales and marketing for a complete view of your customer. Know about all the interactions customers have had with you to help create a seamless experience for them—whether they’re responding to your marketing campaigns or speaking with your sales team.

  • Deliver consistent messaging between sales and marketing
  • Increase retention rates, reduce sales cycles, and increase close rates
  • Drive revenue and marketing ROI with campaign management tools

Web experience foundation

Targeted, personalized digital marketing starts with a comprehensive web content management solution.

  • Manage content using dynamic marketing software on a platform that scales globally
  • Create and deliver digital experiences faster
  • Lower management and resources costs by using a single provider
  • Rely on a platform that’s compliant with government, industry, and corporate standards

Customer Insights

Engage your customers with intelligent insights

  • Transform your data into timely and relevant information, inferences, and predictions.
  • Uncover insights by bringing all your customer data together.
  • Access outside data sources with out-of-the-box connectors or custom integrations.
  • Easily compose data flows using Azure services.
  • Integrate profiles, KPIs, and predicted outputs with a Power BI connector.
  • Fully understand the customer journey across channels by using contextual information and artificial intelligence that matches customers with activities and profiles.
  • Infer high-confidence links and relationships between your data and individuals or customers.

Use marketing resources more efficiently

  • Identify and take advantage of marketing opportunities by creating granular customer segmentation based on transactional and behavioral data, inferences, and insights.
  • Define dynamic segments based on a deep network of relationships
  • Explore data visually to quickly find and access the data marketers need
  • Use segments that are always up to date and based on complete customer journeys

ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution that adds email marketing, web intelligence, nurture programs, lead scoring, social discovery, event management, campaign tracking, and form and survey capture functionality to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With ClickDimensions, your organization will be able to discover who is interested in your products and services, quantify your prospects’ level of interest, and take the right actions at the right time.

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