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Customer Engagement is vital to maintaining and growing any business. Emails, phone calls, social media and face-to-face meetings all contain valuable information about clients. Trying to track that data on a local and global level can seem overwhelming, if not impossible. Customer Engagement systems collect information from various inputs throughout an organization. That data is then organized and managed depending on the user’s role within the company. A customer service representative can review previous calls and emails to develop a potential opportunity; outside sales representatives can monitor accounts in the field and track new opportunities; stakeholders and keep an eye on the competition; and management can view performance across a territory, product group or division to see what is coming down the pipeline. Ascent Innovations understands the role CRM plays in an organization and can customize a solution to best fit those needs.

Ascent Understands CRM


Ascent Innovations understands that client data needs to be stored, accessed and updated in a simple manner. Added complexity will only serve to confuse your team and erode your message.


Accessing your data remotely and targeting your audience in a concise manner will allow your sales & marketing teams to spend less time on manipulating the system and more time on distributing your message.

We initially contracted with two larger consulting firms to replace our Oracle system with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. However, we found that we were not receiving the quality service we were expecting simply because the consultants assigned to the project were also assigned to numerous other clients.

As a result, many of the tasks on the project plan were falling through the cracks and behind schedule. Ascent was on the project quickly, implemented a solution in a timely manner and completed the work exceeding expectations.

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