Manufacturers face unique challenges in the modern business environment. Timing the arrival of raw materials and supplementary components with available labor and machine time is a tricky balance. Any overruns can cause expensive delays and excess inventory. Under-utilization of resources leads to idling and increased overhead costs. These factors, combined with constant pressure from customers and distributors means the modern manufacturer needs special tools to ensure the business runs smoothly. Ascent understands that a robust ERP system, factory scheduling and resource planning is vital for manufacturers of all sizes. Implemented as a complete integrated solution, all departments and individuals can interact and share inventory levels, production dates and potential delays and other vital information to minimize costs and keep clients happy.

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There are many aspects you need to control to produce a product. From acquiring raw materials to shipping finished goods, Ascent integrates various software suites and integrated third-party modules to ensure your production is on target and all key team members are on the same page.


Co-ordinating available labor with on-hand and just-in-time materials can be a frustrating experience. Ascent Innovations utilizes the right applications to bring these two aspects together while reducing manufacturing costs, labor overruns and excess overhead.

We initially contracted with two larger consulting firms to replace our Oracle system with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. However, we found that we were not receiving the quality service we were expecting simply because the consultants assigned to the project were also assigned to numerous other clients.

As a result, many of the tasks on the project plan were falling through the cracks and behind schedule. Ascent was on the project quickly, implemented a solution in a timely manner and completed the work exceeding expectations.

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