Digital Modernization

Legacy systems and processes offer a certain degree of comfort and familiarity. Processes have been established, employees have been trained and all systems function reliably. However, the cost of maintaining those systems can be daunting. As new programs are introduced and support for legacy products are discontinued, organizations often need to make upgrades on short notice. Not only is this expensive as systems need multiple upgrades to get to the latest version, employees are faced with learning a new system under time constraints. By staying keeping up with the pace of technology, companies can reduce the cost and pain of performing significant upgrades farther down the line. Ascent works with organizations to stay current and offers programs to train users on new features and functionality.

Ascent Understands Modernization


Depending on your organization, change can be a difficult process for your company culture. Our modernization programs go beyond implementation. Our training programs ensure upgrades are seamless.


Software modernization affords your company access to the latest support structure when issues arise. This means your business stays productive and reduces downtime.

Are your business applications ready for tomorrow?

Our Digital Modernization services help IT leaders reduce operating costs and free up resources to take up new initiatives. We help with the complete cycle from inception and evaluation through decision and delivery.

Our value-add is reducing costs, disruptions and risk, while improving productivity, security, performance and ultimately making you global competitive.

70% of business transactions are running on legacy applications.

Agile Methodology

  • Dependable outcomes that help you get more out of existing systems while cutting costs and disruptions.
  • Fast results from flexible teams that can be assembled and deployed.
  • Informed and cost-efficient ways to host applications.

We offer a range of services to help companies get the most value from their existing applications over the long term:

  • Application assessment of your legacy systems, enabling customers to leverage existing application or data and develop the business justification for the future system.
  • Re-engineer software applications to extract business requirements for preparing the further system.
  • Remediation services to enhance applications’ functionality, which makes it easier to maintain and be part of a highly scalable framework.
  • Re-platform services to move your applications to newer, less expensive and more efficient technology platforms.
  • Migration services moves you to a standards-based environment while minimizing disruption to the business.

Only 62% of strategic initiatives meet their original goals and business intent.


Application management is changing from a passive IT role to an active driver of business growth.

IT responds to users rapidly through continuous software delivery while reducing disruptions and failures. The adoption of Agile methodologies have removed the walls between business analysis, development, quality assurance, IT and support.

This results in better alignment within the teams forbetter efficiencies and clearer focus on the business outcome.

  • Fine-grained service architecture
  • Secure source code
  • Thorough code reviews.
  • No touch build and deploy
  • Test early. Test often.
  • Automate everything.
  • Cohesive teams with shared goals.
  • Lean principles and continuous value delivery.

57% of Business Executives say that IT does not understand their business. Less than half actually admit that.

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