Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Metals Industry

When you are dealing with powerful products like metals, you need to have an equally powerful tool like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for resources planning, streamlining operations, and scaling your business.

Integrate your manufacturing, production, and planning across your company to keep your business always on a higher pedestal. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps businesses of any size deal with metals to create new revenue growth and supports you at every touchpoint.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Metals Industry

Why would a fully loaded platform like Dynamics 365 assist a tech-production business dealing with metals? How can manufacturing and backend systems go hand in hand in achieving excellence? Check out the numerous benefits.

  • Quality Management: Ensure every metal that is made reeks of top quality without any compromises. With Dynamics 365, do quality checks so you have the data in hand anytime.
  • Warehouse Reporting: Know what to buy and when to buy. Decide the correct time to order the raw products required. And always have a tab to keep a check on warehouse management and reporting.
  • Production Scheduling: With a robust platform like Dynamics 365, you can control the whole production schedule and plan your resources accordingly. Work without any hassles.
  • Data Collection: Group all the data you need to facilitate better manufacturing and management of Metals so you can store them in the backend using Dynamics 365 and access anytime.

The needs of companies and consumers are at an all-time high. And now is the right time to choose an agency with the esteemed experience to ensure Dynamics 365 for your Metal Business is well-fitted in.

What’s unique about us?

Our experience has helped multiple metal manufacturers seeking success they envisioned and provide an optimized management system backed by Dynamics 365. Check out our success strategies.

  • Quality Checks: Since quality checks hugely rely on properties that are related to mechanical and chemical, you are given liberty to conduct quality tests to recheck only the best is delivered.
  • Metal Specifications: Record, report, track and publish the metal composition, track heat numbers (batches) with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, for compliance and traceability.
  • Production Orders: By innovating new forms of connectivity, you can manage all your orders that include planning, scheduling, order travel reporting, split tags, rejects, and more using Dynamics 365.
  • Tag Master: One-stop area for printing your production order receipt, order splits, and more. And with the given tag number, we make it easy to track quality results, sales number, heat number, and more.
  • Sales Orders: The last thing any company wants are unhappy customers. Make sure you never see the light of that day by managing your sales and processing seamlessly with stellar features.

The right Dynamics 365 implementation agency can align your existing operations to optimize the way your company would perform in the times to come — with the help of all the features we’ve listed above.

Why choose Ascent Innovations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Metals Industry?

Implementing powerful platforms needs productive personnel with skilled minds and an understanding of how the platform works. And Ascent Innovations got both to assist your company scale up faster and effectively with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Ascent Understands Engineering


Ascent understands you need a variety of software solutions to handle a project. Our system integration and cloud solutions allow easy access to the data needed across multiple parties.


Our field-management solutions keep on-site contractors, managers and inspectors in constant communication in all kinds of environments. Real-time data collection reduces double-entry and delays while information is being uploaded.

Our customer had a need that our software system integrates with five of their internal applications, Oracle ERP, CRM, EDI, Document processing and payment gateway. We partnered with Ascent team and we worked closely from the early discussions through the successful delivery.
Customer is satisfied and we are so happy to have a true partner like Ascent, working closely with our developers, business analysts, IT, QA and managers.

Michael W
Regional Account Manager, BP Solutions company

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